STANBIC Bank Teams Up with Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia for Music Festival

STANBIC Bank has exciting news! They’ve announced that Coca Cola Beverages Zambia will be the gold sponsor for this year’s music festival, scheduled for October 13 and 14.

The festival is set to take place at the Lusaka polo field and will feature a lineup of both local and international artists, including the famous Ne-Yo.

The bank, along with various partners, aims to involve young people in various festival activities, including a clean-up exercise. They have also partnered with the government, specifically the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment.

Mwindwa Siakalima, the Bank’s Chief Executive, highlighted how the music festival has grown and evolved over the years. He mentioned that the festival’s main goal is to support the music and arts scene.

“By bringing international artists to Zambia, Stanbic has helped bridge the gap between the local music industry and the international stage. The Stanbic Music Festival has seen tremendous success over the years, and this success story wouldn’t have been possible without our partners,” Siakalima said.

He expressed confidence that Coca-Cola, with its extensive experience in supporting local music and the arts, will contribute significantly to the festival’s success.

Furthermore, Siakalima revealed that the festival will be held at the Lusaka Polo Field and will be Zambia’s first-ever eco-friendly concert. This means that concert-goers can expect to see recycling bins placed around the venue. In collaboration with Coca-Cola, selected youth and women-led clean-up teams will work to ensure the venue remains clean and tidy during and after the shows. This initiative aims to reduce the negative impact of garbage on the natural environment, and the bank hopes it will encourage a culture of cleanliness that lasts.

In summary, STANBIC Bank and Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia are teaming up to bring you an exciting and eco-friendly music festival on October 13 and 14 at the Lusaka Polo Field, featuring both local and international artists. This event is not only about music but also about promoting environmental responsibility and cleanliness within the community

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