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Celebrities clash:  Singer Samklef and ‘duduke’ singer clashes on Twitter over singer,Tems.

Nigerian singer, Samklef clashes with Simi who is also a Nigerian singer over a sexualizing post he made on his timeline on Twitter.

Simi and Samkef

Samklef posted a picture of a fast-rising artist, Tems with a caption that triggers many users on the app, Twitter.

He wrote;

Everybody can’t wait to see Tems yansh. Me self dey wait. Who Dey dey wait with me?

Singer, Simi who finds his tweet very wrong and disrespectful went on to retweet and comment;

WTF is wrong with you?



Samklef pick an offence and went hard on her by dragging her and calling her all sorts of names in three different posts. He said she should have just come straight to his direct message to talk about it, he said he would have taken the post down, but no, she went on socially.

What he penned;

Eye service better face front. U 2 know Abi? You wan TO show uRself A fake ass.

Why didn’t you DM to take it down? But na only u sabi pass Abi? Simi


@Simplysimi u integrate u gat ball cause you think TO say u don blow. I go Delete that tweet but u f up.



Samklef was known as a clout chaser by most of his fans and Twitter users, see what people are talking about this on Twitter.

Simi posted just 5 words, and SAMKLEF don post like five paragraphs of tweets, one audio and a video and even Simi church picture wey she snap with pastor a decade ago.

What is it again they say about SAMKLEF and clout

Same Samklef who claims he respects women came at Tems, Simi and Erica in just fA Few hours, he should channel this same energy INto his music career

What exactly did Simi buy from Samklef that she didn’t pay?? I honestly hope one day she puts maturity aside and serve him hot.

Samklef shamed Tems
Was corrected by Simi
He Shamed Simi and dragged Erica into it

Do you know what’s consistent in his stupidity?
Him saying he respects Women

Samklef disrespected Tems in public, he expects Simi to correct him in private. A grown man, is she his lesson teacher? At his age, he cannot independently tell what a stupid tweet is.

Dear @jack @Twitter @TwitterSupport, this account @SAMKLEF promotes the objectification of women. He did IT repeatedly in the past causing people theY harm themselves. Today he did it again. Please do something about it! Although he has deleted the damage has been done

Thank you

DO You see this Samklef, Tems and Simi issue? He had said more disgusting things during THE last season of BbN. Very disgusting things. No one spoke out. Now he just started with Tems. This could have been prevented if y’all spoke out then. But no, selective amnesia happened.

Samklef keeps d! srespeRESPECTINGe, especially females for cl¤ut; He tirelessly disrespected Erica during the time of BBN, did THE same with Tems, now he’s hating on Simi cos she corrected his ¤ffensive tweet. Such a d! DIsgusting attitude; Simi’s “Duduke” alone is b! gger than Samklef.

No shades Samklef but ur music career is a flop; U are lower than an upcom!ng artiste in the music industry. U t! TIRELESSLY try to beLt! e others for clout which is pathet! c. While ur fellow artisTs are aiming to win Grammy Awards, u continuously flop on a daily. Get a l! f e…

Samklef… The worse type of chauvinist. Insulted Erica for weeks and said the most disgusting things about her yet Nigerians clapped for him cause he was supporting their chosen one. See him now disrespecting Tems and Simi. A real shame

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