Rema ‘Bounce’ artwork challenge

Update: Rema ‘Bounce’ artwork challenge, winner picked!



In case you miss the previous post, let me quickly summarise it briefly. Singer, Rema put up a simple task for his fans. He said he will reward anyone who can decipher the artwork cover to his new single, ‘Bounce’ with the sum of 100k naira. Read the full story here 

Rema has fulfilled his promise by picking a winner for his ‘Bounce’ artwork challenge, though nobody was able to interpret the mind-blowing artwork to his taste, he decided to give the best award to the best performance.

He asked the winner with the handle @daddychaan to inbox him his account details, he also stated that he will explain vividly about his ‘Bounce’ artwork in a video he will post as soon as possible.

He wrote;

I appreciate everyone’s effort in this quick challenge, a lot of people were close sadly no one got it, but I’ll give it to @Daddychaan for his effort in this thread, Dm your acc details. Lastly, I’ll drop a video explaining the meaning of the cover art so watch out for it!


Bounce by Rema

I know you’re curious to know what the winner @Daddychaan said for him to be selected, relax, I got you

Well from what I can see, all the expressions of Rema are from every single encounter we’ve had of him, from music videos, live shows to freestyle videos, to even magazine covers. And they all appear to be fighting each other.

Although it’s quite organized because the trap Rema expressions are at the left side of the picture while the more Afrobeats Rema expressions are at the right side of the picture

The teddy bear and the female appear to be the inspirations of these battles

There’s a solar eclipse however which marks the beginning of a new age, new dawn,
The spaceships announce the beginning of that new age
And we can see one single battle now instead of all these expressions of Rema, fighting above the eclipse


Looking at his thread above, we all know he did a great job there. Take a peek at other people translation below.



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