Numerous individual think of actresses as whores- Joke lawal

Numerous individuals think of actresses as whores- Joke Lawal says in a meeting with Vanguard potpourri


Nollywood actress Joke Lawal has shared a portion of the accounts about Nollywood she will jump at the chance to change.

Joke lawal

The actress who said this in a meeting with Vanguard’s Potpourri noticed that numerous individuals feel that the actress are whores.

Lawal said;

“I would like to change people’s perception of actresses. A lot of people think of actresses as prostitutes, they see us as people who are not worthy of marriage and having a family. If I have the power this is something I will like to change. I will also like to see a change in the way our stories are written and interpreted, and in the quality of our film productions. Another thing I would like to change too is, how poorly actors are paid. As a producer, I will like a situation where I can pay every actor that works on my project even if the person acts in just one scene. As an upcoming actress, I acted in movies and didn’t get paid but because I was still new in the industry I didn’t have a choice. God help me, these are things I will like to change in the movie industry.”


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