Breaking: Nigerian man who publicly denounced Christianity says

 A Nigerian man who publicly denounced Christianity says “you can call me “juju worshiper, call me idolator, but God is the final judge of all our actions”

Bodmas Prince Kemepadei from Bayelsa State, who freely denounced his Christianity and acknowledged the Egbesu love, said individuals can call him malicious names however God is the last appointed authority of every one of our activities.

Review that the Niger Delta University graduate took to Facebook on Tuesday, November 24, to declare the denunciation and reaffirm his regard to Egbesu divinity, saying that he has understood that he was tricked by unfamiliar legends.

Taking to Facebook on Saturday night, Kemepadei said Christians have kept on permitting strict business visionaries to misdirect them. His post underneath:

John 4:21-24

Jesus said, the time has come when you don’t have to worship God in the mountains nor the synagogue for God is a Spirit: and they that worship God must worship in spirit and truth.

If you like, keep on permitting strict business people to delude you and improve themselves, we will all be decided by our deeds and not as per our convictions.

God doesn’t live in strict homes, your regular supplication and fasting without the utilization of good direct are self misleading.

Call me all way of Evil names, consider me a juju admirer, consider me an idolator, yet God is the last appointed authority of every one of our activities, and eventually, it is our activities that will decide our situation with God.

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