Naija Tori: Reactions as one Mrs Halita narrates how she got married

Naija tori News: Reactions on Twitter as one Mrs Halita narrates how she got married to the love of her life.

Naija tori

Chisom Agoawuike prominently known as ‘Halita’ on social media is a Nigerian born, from the ‘Igbo tribe’.

Halita has taken to Twitter to share some beautiful pictures of her wedding ceremony, which courses a lot of traffic, the pictures are not the course of the traffic but her caption, lol.

Halita’s wrote;

He came for NYSC in my village and was posted to teach Geography in my school. I was in SS2 then.

He was always flogging me for coming late to his class but I never told him that we had to go to the farm every morning before coming to school. Today I’m his bride.


This got many users talking about them like this is some grooming type shit. So you’re telling me the dude had finished graduating from university and everything then he ends up marrying a girl he met in a secondary school. Am I meant to be like awww or something?

The reply under this post is crazy! Now let’s take a look at the top 5 funniest replies with the highest engagement.

  • How to marry in Nigeria
    1. Go for NYSC in a village
    2. Teach Geography
    3. Always beat latecomers
  • So many feminists are triggered by this post and want to spew their usual hate but the happiness and congrats in this comment section won’t let them express their filthy opinions so as not to embarrass themselves.Happy married life
  • ……You wouldn’t be his bride if he taught Intro-Tech or Mathematics cos he will flog the love of God out of you.
    Congrats and more blessings to your union.
  • For singles… How to Marry course 101.Please don’t Runs your NYSC Posting oooo
    Just go to that village, Teach Geography or any course and make sure you flog the latecomers.But if sh e no fine… am
  • Anything you think is personal, once it gets here, you are joking. Nigerians are not serious anymore, especially when you try to tell us your success story. Just keep it to yourself, God who brought you thus far will see it to the end. I have FUNNY comments, my ribs

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