Mwizukanji Responded to Chilufya Tayali

Mwizukanji Responded to Chilufya Tayali

I chose to ignore all the disrespect you threw on me not because am naive or vulnerable but because I was raised in a home that demanded us to respect elders.

You know what during your free time check out my personal page Kaphukie

Am sure you may not be aware that Kaphukie is also my name because you only know the Mwizukanji you see on these platforms. Take your time to learn more about mwizukanji before the Facebook headlines.

That aside You may need to know that am someone who can never stand to justify what another person thinks of me.

The last we ever had an interaction I offered you my page for your campaigns and went as far as organizing a professional photoshot for you, not because I had nothing to do or just bored. That was the same person you went live insulting and you honestly thought I’d come out to fight you. No

I had and still have so many reasons to put my maturity under the carpet and become petty but nawishiba mwaiche kale twapela life Kuli ba jize…The very reason why I even declined your request for us to meet I mean what’s there to talk about mukambepeshe

In a nutshell stay in one lane

Not lelo muletutuka mailo at mwizu maturity…

Btw I’m a mother of 3 beautiful kids and all dark and lovely.

Mukepushe abanjishiba tapaba umuntu uwinga bulinga ndiwaminsulafye age and the economy.

Drops mic !!!!!!!!!

NB: This is the last response you will ever get from me this year

As you can see above, she indicated that it’s her last response Mr Tayali will ever get from her.

Much love Mwizukanji

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