Moment singer BNXN fell off stage while performing at his concert (video)

Moment singer BNXN fell off stage while performing at his concert (video)

An unfortunate incident occurred at the concert of popular singer BNXN, formerly known as Buju, as he fell off the stage during his performance.

While thrilling his fans with one of his hit songs, the ‘Gwagwalada’ crooner suddenly slipped and fell into the audience.

Nevertheless, he didn’t let this minor setback deter him as he quickly returned to the stage and continued with his electrifying performance.

Fortunately, he didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall.

In other news, Buju has reacted after being dragged for not touching British rapper, Stefflon Don, during a music video shoot.

A short clip from the video shoot surfaced on social media recently, and many criticized Buju for not touching Stefflon Don to make the scene look more realistic and romantic.

Some asserted that he was being careful around the British rapper out of respect for her ex-partner,who is his friend and senior colleague in the Nigerian music industry, Burna Boy.

In reaction to the negative comments, BNXN shared a video where he explained that he didn’t touch her because there was no explicit agreement for physical contact.

According to him, it’s 2023 and a man can’t just touch a woman if she doesn’t want to be touched, or gave permission for physical contact. Read here

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