Ministry of Health officials arrested for alleged theft of latex gloves at UTH

In a startling turn of events, two individuals who were entrusted with safeguarding public health have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Lydia Chita, a seasoned 40-year-old Human Resource officer, and Muyunda Nyambe, a 37-year-old Assistant Procurement officer, are now facing serious allegations of theft by public servants. Their alleged crime centers around the brazen pilfering of 40 vital boxes of Latex Gloves from the University Teaching Hospitals, an incident that unfolded on October 16, 2023.

The plot thickens as these individuals reportedly transported the ill-gotten goods to the bustling Intercity Bus Terminus. It was there that their audacious act came to an unexpected halt, thanks to the vigilance of a Ministry of Health Security personnel, who had been alerted by a concerned member of the public.

The suspects were promptly apprehended and handed over to the police, marking the end of their dubious escapade around 20:00 hours. During the subsequent interrogations, their motives for taking the boxes to the bus terminus remained shrouded in mystery. The value of the stolen property is yet to be established, leaving many questions unanswered.

Both Lydia Chita and Muyunda Nyambe now find themselves behind bars, awaiting their day in court. This shocking incident serves as a stark reminder that even those tasked with the public’s well-being can sometimes stray from the path of integrity, raising concerns about the sanctity of public service.

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