Man engaged his fiancee with a ring while she’s asleep

Man engaged his fiancee with a ring while she’s asleep


A facebook user, Micheal Mayorga shared a story of how he successfully engaged his fiancee, Jamilah Williams while she’s at sleep.

He wrote;

Its 5:00AM for weeks now I been planning on how how to pop my question…. You know all my moves and you are one very hard woman to surprise but the jokes on you because now you are going to wake up with 3 surprises. A phone full of congratulations notifications and text, and engagement ring on your finger and a picture of you sleeping that you don’t want all over the Internet. SURPRISE!!! I’ll let ya’ll  know the verdict when she wakes up.

This attracts many peoples attention and the where like wow! God when!!!

Jamilah Williams, his fiance acknowledge what her fiancee did, she was so happy that she took to her Facebook timeline to share the most romantic surprise of her life.

She wrote;

YESSSSSSSSS! God you literally just blew my mind.What God blessed no MAN could come between. God, you’re AMAZING to send this man who loves me for real, Michael Mayorga I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! When a man finds a good thing you won’t have to beg for ANYTHING! IT’s his loyalty, commitment, respect and genuine LOVE for ME. I am overwhelmed.

What do you think about this couple?

If you’re his fiancee, will you be happy about this kind of proposal?

Let hear your thought.

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