Lil Frosh – 5 Star (EP)

Lil Frosh – 5 Star (EP)

Nigerian hip-hop artist Lil Frosh unveils his much-anticipated project, “5 Star,” an EP that showcases his versatility and growth in the music industry

Listen and download “5 Star (EP)” tracklist mp3 below

  1. Lil Frosh – Manyo
  2. Lil Frosh – Prophecy
  3. Lil Frosh – Be Happy
  4. Lil Frosh – No Rizler
  5. Lil Frosh – YES OH
  6. Lil Frosh – KOTNS
  7. Lil Frosh & Davido – To Serve Nigeria
  8. Lil Frosh – BIMIDA ft. K1 De Ultimate

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