“It’s a boy” – Burna Boy reveals the gender of a fan’s baby on stage in Berlin (video)

“It’s a boy” – Burna Boy reveals the gender of a fan’s baby on stage in Berlin (video)

Nigerian singer and songwriter Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu popularly known as Burna Boy helped a couple with their baby’s gender reveal at a recent show in Berlin.


The singer had paused his performance to receive a card containing the baby’s gender from the couple who had come to watch him perform.


After asking the couple for their names, Burna Boy went ahead to announce on stage that he was going to be doing a gender reveal for the couple.


Before commencing the gender reveal, Burna Boy disclosed that, “Talking about being born, being born is to create life and right now we are about to reveal the gender of a new life”


While opening the card, he instructed the crowd to count down from 5 to 1, at the end of the count “It’s a Boy” was boldly displayed on the screen.


The faces of the couple, who are expecting a baby, was also displayed on the screen as the whole crowd echoed a congratulations.


Burna Boy then rounded up by singing one of his song with Ed Sheeran “For My Hand” for the couple after congratulating them.


The video which has now gone viral has gotten many internet users praising the singer, with majority describing the experience as ‘heartwarming’.

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