“I dumped all my exes planning to marry me” – Actress, Lolade Okusanya

“I dumped all my exes planning to marry me” – Actress, Lolade Okusanya

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Lolade Okusanya, has disclosed that she was the one who decided to terminate all of her previous relationships.

She said that the three men she dated at various points in time had intended to wed her, but she had ditched them because she was afraid of being married.

In an interview with media personality Debbie Shokoya, Lolade opened up about her romantic life and said that none of her partners had ended a relationship with her.

However, the Nollywood diva said that fear had impacted her choices at the time and that she wasn’t happy of what she had done.

She said;

“Nobody has ever broken up with me, I broke up with all my exes. I’m not proud of it. The three relationships were all close to marriage when I broke up with all of them. I was scared of marriage at that time. I have never dated a guy that didn’t want to marry me.”

In other news, social media influencer Michael Houston, popularly known as Godfada Houston, has sparked a buzz online by marrying two women on the same day.

He shared on his Facebook page that marrying a model had always been his dream, and he achieved it by marrying two.

In a private yet vibrant ceremony on Thursday, Dec. 14, he officially tied the knot with his two long-time girlfriends, Adepa Felicity and Goddess Khadijatu “Deejah” Abarry, in Accra.

Before the marriage, Michael Houston, a popular figure in the Ghana tech industry working as a software engineer and known as a Bitcoin “guru,” cohabitated with his two partners, chronicling their journey on Facebook.


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