I didn’t cause Mohbad’s death; he had mental health problems,” Naira Marley reveals more details in a recent interview and hints at a potential return home.

Nigerian singer and rapper, Naira Marley, has now spoken up about the accusations made against him in connection with the passing of Mohbad.

Since Mohbad’s unexpected passing, many Nigerians have been blaming Naira Marley. This comes months after Mohbad repeatedly expressed concerns about alleged bullying from Naira Marley and Sam Larry.

In a passionate online interview with Reno Omokri, the Marlian Boss once again refuted all the accusations and provided additional information about what happened between him and the late superstar.

He explained that he wasn’t in Nigeria when Mohbad faced those bullies because he was busy with his commitments. However, he admitted that Mohbad went through a lot of stress, and although he tried to help, it may not have completely resolved the situation.

Regarding the earnings from his songs, he clarified that apart from the songs he released during his time with Marlian Records, he isn’t making money from any of his other songs. He also mentioned that he never intended to disrupt his new goals, as some have claimed.

When discussing the possibility of returning to Nigeria, he made a promise that he would return for questioning if the police can ensure his safety to 100%.

In the midst of all this controversy, Nigerians have taken to various social media platforms to express their frustration.

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