Harrysong calls out Kcee over unpaid debt, royalties

Harrysong calls out Kcee over unpaid debt, royalties

Popular Nigerian singer Harrysong has taken to social media to call out his ex-label boss, Kcee over unpaid debt and royalties.

The artist begged Kcee to return his money and release his songs on his Instagram page.

He also listed all of his successful songs, Reggae Blues, Baba for the Girls, and Samankwe, from which Kcee has been earning 100% of the royalties.

Harrysong pleaded with the Five Star Music boss to give him what rightfully belongs to him and to take only his fair share.

Referring to Kcee as the ‘power mike,’ he said he began his post by begging him because he knows his reputation as a bully. Harrysong further implored God to prevent another man from enjoying the fruits of his efforts.

Harrysong wrote:

“I’m Here To beg you all to help me and follow me Beg Kingsley Okonkwo, known as kcee. To refund my money and release my songs At least, he can take his percentage, and give me wat is rightfully mine, For more than 7 years now, he’s been the one collecting 100 percent of my Royaltie from Reggea blues, baba for the girls, samankwe, better Pikin, Ofeshe, (all my big songs). He collects one hundred percent of all royalties, it’s not fair. I started this by begging, na beg I Dey beg am, I know he likes to bully, he’s the power mike, help me beg him, the songs are mine, he should at least be fair to give me what is rightfully mine. May God not let us work, and another man just be reaping our hard end sweet in Jesus name.”

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