Fuel price hike : Angry Nigerians reacts

Fuel price hike: Nigerians react to the increment of fuel price, from N168 to N212

Nigerians show disappointment to the APC government as the sudden rise in petrol price which was increased by the PPPRA. Despite the hardship in the country, with no job opportunities, insecurity,  the poor economic system and how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected many individuals yet the Nigerian government insists on making life difficult for its citizens.

Just in case you don’t know, let me show you how the fuel price hike started since 1978

Fuel price hike in Nigeria

1978, the fuel price was 0.5 during the Obasanjo military regime.

1982-1984, the fuel price was 0.20 when Shagari was in power.

1884-1985, the price remain (0.20) remain the same during the regime of Muhammadu Buhari

1986-1993, general Ibrahim Babangida increases the petrol price to 3.25

1995-1997, Abacha boost the fuel price to 11.00

1998-1999, Abdulsalam took the price up to 20.00 during his government.

1999-2006, Olusegun Obasanjo upgrade the price from 20.00 to 70.

2007 the price remain at 70 during Umar Musa Yar’adua

2008-2009, Umar Musa Yar’adua reduced the price to 65 during his few months on power before Nigerians lost him.

2010-2015, the fuel price increases from 65 to 140.00 during Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime.

2016-2021, the fuel price has increased from 145.00 to 212.00

See reactions below by angry Nigerians as fuel price hike, students threatened to protest against it, and many workers says they’d go on strike.

This Buhari administration is set up to teach we the less fortunate Nigerians a lifetime lessons we will never forget in a hurry. By this govt is done with Us , We will be seeking asylum in Niger republic.
This Petrol pump price at 212 Naira per liter is just one of it

The APC government decided to increase fuel price again to N212 per litre not minding how the citizens have been suffering and you’re telling me Buhari is not an Oloriburuku?

Nigerians if we could stand up against Jonathan then, we have to stand up now again. Fuel Price Hike

With everything that is happening in Nigeria right now, how can anyone in good conscience increase fuel price??
There are millions of Nigerians that cannot even afford a day meal! Never seen a government so intentional about making the lives of citizens miserable!!

Food prices before now have been out of reach for many Nigerians then you add Fuel Price Hike on top of it which will further drive up prices of things across board.

Yet, the average Nigerian’s earning has not increased.

How exactly do we want to bring people out of poverty?

Petrol was sold 87naira when Buhari came into Govt with the campaign promise of making it N40 per litre
Buhari failed Nigerians in 2015 and same Nigerians voted for him again in 2019,suffer no Dey tire my people,today we will buy Petrol at N212  Fuel Price hike

212 naira per liter ???? Nahhh they’ve really finished this country.

How the hell are people supposed to afford this???
Electricity tariff is still over 100% more expensive too.

Nigerians living in Nigeria, I’m so sorry for us mahn!

Other countries are waking up to stimulus cheques but we Nigerians are waking up to hike prices.

After surviving as a Nigerian, one Angel will now tell me I don’t deserve to enter heaven. L.O.L. We go fight. Angel Mathew, tie your robe.

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