Billionaire’s Son, Paddy Adenuga Deems 20-Year-Old Lady “Too Young” For Him

Billionaire’s Son, Paddy Adenuga Deems 20-Year-Old Lady “Too Young” For Him

Paddy Adenuga, the son of renowned billionaire businessman Dr. Mike Adenuga, recently made headlines with his remarks about his age preferences in relationships.

The 39-year-old bachelor expressed that a 20-year-old lady is too young for him.

Taking to social media on Monday, December 18, Paddy Adenuga shared his perspective on the age gap, highlighting the generational differences that come into play.

He marveled at the fact that individuals born in the year 2000 are now 23, while those born in 2003 are merely 20 years old.

In a personal encounter, Paddy Adenuga revealed that he was introduced to someone who disclosed being born in 2003.

Reflecting on his own life, he humorously noted that he had already obtained his university degree in 2002, emphasizing that the lady in question wasn’t even born yet.

He playfully acknowledged how fast the passage of time clearly is, and made it clear that he felt the age gap was too significant for him to pursue a romantic relationship with someone that young.

See his tweet below,

Paddy Adenuga’s tweet has sparked discussions on social media, with opinions varying on the subject of age preferences in relationships.

As his tweets continue to make rounds online, many have applauded his self-awareness and respect for age differences, while others engaged in humorous banter about the generation gap.

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