A pastor has sexually assaulted three young girls and has threatened to harm them if they reveal what happened to anyone.

In Senga Hill, a pastor, identified as Abel Sichivula, who is approximately between 55 and 60 years old, is alleged to have sexually abused three young girls, one of whom is his own granddaughter. He reportedly enticed them into a nearby forest by offering them biscuits and bubblegum.

The incident occurred on September 14 when Sichivula sent his granddaughter to fetch two of her friends, all under the false pretense of giving them treats. The innocent girls followed their friend to the nearby woods, where the pastor had concealed himself, planning his heinous actions.

According to Ronald Zambo, the deputy police commanding officer in Muchinga Province, the juveniles willingly followed their friend and found the suspect waiting for them in the forest. The pastor provided them with biscuits before instructing them to lie down. He then proceeded to undress and sexually abuse each of them, one by one.

After the ordeal, he warned the girls not to disclose what had occurred and even threatened to harm them if they told anyone.

One of the girls who had been keeping watch fled and reported the incident to her father, who then informed their aunt. Initially, the matter was reported to the Tazara Chozi police station, where the victims were provided with medical report forms and advised to seek medical examinations at a hospital.

Currently, the three victims are in stable condition at home, while the police have opened an investigation into the case and are actively working to apprehend the suspect.

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