A man from Chawama was reportedly killed by his neighbor because he defecated outside his own house.

A man who was 38 years old and lived in Chawama Township, Lusaka, has sadly passed away. It is believed that his neighbor beat him because he had defecated outside his own house.

The police are now actively investigating this incident and are trying to locate the suspect, known only as Ranger, who is currently evading arrest.

According to a statement from the police spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga, the man named Shadreck Mwanza’s brother, Kennedy, reported the incident after discovering his lifeless body on the ground.

This unfortunate incident took place at approximately 05:00 hours in Chawama Compound. To provide a brief overview, the deceased person used to share his home with his brother, who is also a key witness in this case.

On September 22, 2023, at around 17:00 hours, the brother left home for work as a security guard at a company in Makeni. Upon returning from work the following day at 05:00 hours, he tragically found his brother’s lifeless and unclothed body lying on the ground outside their home.

Mr. Hamoonga mentioned that preliminary investigations suggest that the neighbor, known as Ranger, had allegedly beaten the deceased man, accusing him of defecating behind his own house.

Although the police officers who visited the scene did not observe any physical injuries on the body, there is suspicion that a blunt object may have been used, possibly causing a fracture to the skull.

Mr. Hamoonga added that the deceased’s body has been placed in the University Teaching Hospital Mortuary, awaiting an autopsy and subsequent burial arrangements.

To ensure justice is served, investigations are actively ongoing to apprehend the suspect in this matter.

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