The 5 best ways to make money online

There are many ways to make extra money online, but these are the 5 best way to make extra money on the Internet.

Luckily, in the age of the internet, making extra money (or your whole paycheck) online is incredibly easy if you know where to look. Here are the 5 best way to make extra money online.

5. Invest with a broker

The stock market scares a lot of folks, but it’s getting easier and easier to invest your money in stocks, even if you don’t have a whole lot of know-how.

But no longer – that’s right, no need to be scared of the investing world with so many excellent options out there.

If you invest through a company like E*TRADE, they offer tons of investing tools so you can invest on your own, and you can trade stocks, options, and ETFs for $0.

4. Invest in real estate

Investing in real estate online is a great form of passive income if you’re open to a little risk.

Real estate crowdfunding involves many investors investing small amounts of money into real estate ventures.

There are a couple of companies that are the frontrunners in the real estate crowdfunding industry.

3. Invest with a Robo-advisor

Robo-advisors put your investments on auto-pilot. With many Robo-advisors, all you have to do is choose your risk, your goals, and fund your account. The robot-advisor will take care of the rest. For those who are looking to invest, but may not understand the ins and outs of investing, Robo-advisors can help.

Betterment is a simple investing platform. You can easily open sub-accounts that use different portfolios for reaching multiple goals. It’s also surprisingly inexpensive! Betterment’s Digital plan charges 0.25% annually. You’ll have access to a full suite of services as well as mobile messaging to an advisor.

2. Become a freelancer

If you have a talent, chances are, you can sell your skill. Whether you’re a writer, artist, graphic designer, photographer, etc., there’s a freelance gig for you. Let’s cover a few possible freelance angles for you to take.

Freelance writing

It’s easier than ever to become a freelance writer (all of our writers at Money Under 30 are freelancers). With that being said, if you’re just starting it can be difficult to find a writing job that will pay you more than pennies.

1. Take a survey online

While taking online surveys won’t make you rich by any means, a few minutes of your time can earn you a few extra dollars


Swagbucks allows you to earn points and then redeem them for gift cards or cashback. And the cashback option is available for over 1500 retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Target etc. Lots of options!



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